It promises to be an experience with all your senses alive.


We offer tea (TASTE), lavender and flowers (SMELL), massage to relax your muscles during the yoga (TOUCH), soft music, mantras and Tibetan bowls (SOUND) all set in a spectacular studio with soft lights and a relaxing seascape mural (SIGHT).


The Six Senses promote the search of your intuition, the stillness you receive when all your senses are connected.


All of this with conscious breathing and entering a meditative state that will reorganize your chakras.


You are invited to experience a dynamic yoga which ends with complete meditative relaxation.



K-stretch in Bini-Balance


The K-Stretch® hammock provides a comfortable and simple system to aid trauma, bad posture or repetitive stress injury that have made the muscles lose their elasticity. The K-Stretch® system is capable of eliminating the compensations that your body makes to hide from daily tensions and when you try to re-set your chain muscles.





Thanks to the adjustments of the hammock positions one can establish different angles to stretch the chain muscles. In this way one can avoid forced positions which may occur to people with minimal flexibility.

Quiromassage and Thai-Yoga  at Bini-Balance

Our personalized massage is designed to fit the clients and their individual needs. We start with good breathing technique and floral incense to open our senses and benefit from the massage through the nervous system as much as the muscular system.


Thai Yoga massage takes place on the floor in comfortable clothing. It consists of opening the body meridians through which flow the body’s energy using soft stretching movements similar to yoga asanas to achieve a sense of complete relaxation. The ultimate minutes of the session are dedicated to sacro-cranial massage (reorganizing the cranial flow).